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Bernard Bujold, 1991 - Nuns Island

By Bernard Bujold- 
This site (book) is a kind of "personal memory vault". 
It contains texts written about my life, my family and its Acadian origins, my philosophies and my personal beliefs. 
Since Google is a bit eternal, these pages become a bit eternal as well... 

Why the title: "A Beautiful Place to Die"?
I grew up near the rectory of the village priest where my aunt Emilia was the servant. Therefore, even though I am not a believer, I always liked the atmosphere of the churches and I would love to leave this life sitting on a pew in a church...

There are currently six texts: 

1. My Ancestors the Acadianswhich text will focus on the life of my Acadian ancestors in Gaspésie; my father; my mother and their parents.
Published on February 2020;

2. My spiritual testament - "Letter from Bernard Bujold to his two children" 
Published on December 25, 2017; 

3. My first book, a book written in 1978-79, when I was  20 years old on how I became a journalist at the National Assembly of Quebec?:
"Comment je suis devenu journaliste à l'Assemblée nationale du Québec?"
Published in 1979 - (In French only);

4. My autobiographical and biogaphical book: "Pierre Péladeau cet inconnu" 
Published on Feburary 5, 2003 - (Volume 1 ); 

5 The second part about the biography of Pierre Péladeau:
"L'Empire Quebecor et son fondateur Pierre Péladeau" 
Published on December 24, 2007 - (Volume 2 );

6. Art of the Photography
 with several images from my personal photo archive.

7. The Old Man ( book to come)

Photos Archives - Anita Cyr

Have a good reading! 
Bernard Bujold

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1. MY TESTAMENT - LETTER BY BERNARD BUJOLD (Published December 2017)


DECEMBER 25, 2017 - 

To my two dear children David and Stephanie, to my two little girls Ava and Emma, Carole, my brother André, my few friends, as well as others. 

I started writing this letter in December 2009, for reading after my death, a kind of spiritual will but my son's heart attack in November 2017 made me understand that it is better to tell our feelings during our living period... 

I was 61 on June 28, an age my father did not reach since he died at age 60 on June 5, 1976. It is said, however, that I have my mother's genetic inheritance, and if so, she died at the age of 83 on September 5, 2005. 

But we never know when death will come to take us and so I decided to send my letter now to my two children in print, for Christmas 2017, and to others, in a digital format.




Human life is a funny proposition. For a few moments of happiness, we live in long periods of struggle and hard work against obstacles to fight. That's why you have to love what you do with your life! If I had listened to my aunt who was the servant of the priest in my village, I would have become a priest. I grew up in her presbytery that I loved, but I was afraid of religious life... 

I have always had two goals in life: to break the isolation from my native Gaspé coast and to communicate with the world.  

Alphonse Miville, the Canon Priest who wanted made me join the priesthood...



I had very beautiful moments of life because I always tried to make what I loved and what I dreamed about. 
First, there was the Sept-Îles period in 1974 when I discovered adult freedom for the first time. I loved living on Quebec's North Shore! 
I also enjoyed my time as TV journalist at CHAU-TV in Carleton, Gaspé Peninsula, 1976. This trip to Carleton allowed me to become a news correspondent member at the Quebec National Assembly from 1977 to 1979. I discovered at the National Assembly what journalism was about and I had as mentor colleagues among the greatest journalists from Quebec and Canada. I was the youngest journalist in the Press Gallery at the age of 21 and it was a source of pride for me to rub shoulders with a politician who marked history, Premier René Lévesque. I was convinced at that time that I was going to become the successor of Bernard Derome, a TV news reader star in Quebec at the time. That's why I went on TV and radio to Radio-Canada in Moncton in 1979. But my dream of stardom did not work and I became a writer journalist for L'Évangéline in 1982, and finally the director of communications for the Fédération des Caisses populaires acadiennes from 1983 to 1984. 

I have always had this dream of greatness and achievement and all my efforts during my stay in New Brunswick had as ultimate goal to realize my vision of success on a large scale! 

This period of Moncton and Caraquet, although difficult for my dreams of grandeur, was ultimately the springboard for Ottawa and the Office of the Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney in 1984. I really liked the Acadians and especially at the newspaper L'Évangéline and the caisses populaires. I still have some pleasant memories, especially from L'Évangéline! The Acadians, whom I come from, are warm and they love the life for life! 

I wish I could share this vision, but I was called by this other vision, deep in my soul, that my life was elsewhere.    




The year 1984 was for me a moment of real fulfillment and during this period I experienced the feeling of success in life. 

I still remember that sunny morning of autumn 1985, a year after the victory election of September 4, 1984, as I walked in front of the Langevin Building in Ottawa with Brian Mulroney. It was happiness! The Prime Minister's team dreamed of changing the world and we were like a hockey team that would have won the Stanley Cup! We were the champions of the hour! I saw myself as a champion and I dreamed of changing the world! 

The world was not changed, however, but this is only with the experience and after having tried, that all those who dream to change the world realize that we do not change the world, it's the world that changes us!  



The dreams of political grandeur of 1984 have never been realized for me but a few years later, in 1991, I will join the office of Quebec press magnate Pierre Péladeau. It was a father-son relationship and he died in my arms on December 2, 1997. I tell this whole story about my life as his president executive-assistant in the biographical book: "Pierre Peladeau cet inconnu" On the day of December 2, 1997, I too died a little. 

If I remember an element of my period with Pierre Péladeau, it is the one about the power of money in our society. With Brian Mulroney, the whole society considered itself the boss of the politician while with Pierre Péladeau, the whole society admired his financial power and considered itself as indebted to him. I can say, for having known both worlds, that the true freedom is in the business world, because one is indebted to nobody, almost! 

The world of politics is an artificial world and I do not recommend to anyone to make a political career...      




My professional difficulties began immediately after the death of Pierre Péladeau in 1997. 
Soon in 1998, I had to admit a surprising impossibility to find a job when, for various reasons, I was on the list of Montreal employers who wanted revenge on the founder of Quebecor, for whom I had been an assistant and friend. 

It was a kind of mafia war, except that there were no guns... 

I wrote in my biography of Péladeau that he was the "Don Corleone" of Quebec business and I was his right-hand man. By the time he died, I had become the target to be shot by the new Quebecor guard. 

After several temporary jobs, including one with Air France in Montreal in 2001 (a few months before the events at the World Trade Center in New York), I realized that those who offered me work were not familiar with Quebecor's entourage. 

In March 2005, I decided to start a website project:, a private project independent from my former business network. My project aimed to create an information site on the scale of major websites with worldwide reach. Sites like Facebook had just started and the MySpace site was at the top of its popularity. However, none of the major media outlets had a serious presence on the Internet. 

The niche was therefore in development and was targeting this space, which would be occupied, much later after 2010, in Quebec and elsewhere in the world by several other sites of the kind. will soon have an accumulated list of more than 70,000 email addresses, but in January 2010, due to market trends and a lack of financial resources, had to cease its activities and keep only a hosting site for its archives. 

The two mascots Le Mr. X and Miss Gym represented my son David and my daughter Stephanie. 



But beyond these moments and anecdotes of professional life, I say from the outset, my two greatest joys were and are still you, my two children: David (May 1, 1982) and Stephanie (October 23, 1983).

I have never known greater joy than seeing my two children born! Strangely enough, the biggest failure of my life is also connected to this project and it's about my divorce. I wanted so much to love your mother because I could have seen you grow up. My divorce was for me a "hell on earth" and your absence weighed me terribly. But I take responsibility for it, because it was me who had chosen to divorce. 

I never loved your mother! I thought I could learn to love her, but I could not and did not know, at my wedding on June 28, 1980, what was the definition of love for a woman. Your mother was not a bad person in herself, but our union was for the wrong reasons. I wanted to have children to ensure my immortality because I thought I was going to die young. My father Leonard died on June 5, 1976 and the event had upset my life not to say creating a deep trauma. 
I thought then that we can make a couple and a family as we acquires a house. 

For her part, as I understand it, your mother, although knowing my personal ambitions, had always believed that I would change personality and I would eventually accept to live my life in Moncton. By the way, when I got Brian Mulroney's invitation to Ottawa, your mother's mother had told her daughter: "Why leave Moncton?" It would be better for your husband to work in Moncton rather than being exiled to Ottawa ... " 

For me, the invitation to join the Prime Minister's Office was the the greatest day of my life; but for your grandmother, and your mother I guess, it was the worst day of their lives! 

If there is a conclusion, it is never to take a direction of life contrary to our deepest personality, hoping that the others will change to join our dream. 

In life, nothing is a certainty! No more failure than success. I could have won my divorce bet, bet that was fair, honest, and calculated, but I lost it. It was nevertheless "a good risk". 

My marriage in 1980 at the age of 24 was my worst choice of life, one that will truly break all my adult life. But without this marriage, I would not have given life to my two children. 

For this reason, I do not regret my marriage gesture.



I persist in saying that the fate of a person's life rests on three specific elements: 

1. The ancestors genes; 

2. The choices we make during our life; 
3. Luck. 

Since my childhood, from the age of 10 or 12, I dreamed of being a successful businessman. We cannot say that I realized this dream ... 

I often wondered why I had not achieved financial success? 

One day, I asked my friend Pierre Péladeau, a year before his death of 2 December 1997, if according to his perception of me, I would be rich one day? He replied, "No! I did not have the character. It was a great moment of sadness for me because he seemed to have seen in my future as a diviner. Was it a vision of a diviner or an analysis of my character? Probably more an analysis because we were very close. 

I had already asked the same question to my own father, Leonard, and he told me that I dreamed too big! While I asked him to explain, he had just sighed that I did not have my head made for it and that I had to accept a destiny to the measure of my talent! 

Donald Trump also believes in genetic destiny! He claims that an individual, man or woman, realizes achievements according to his genetic capacity. 

I never believed this description of talent when I was younger, but as I get older, I question my philosophy of life! 

Anyway, I have to admit that three of my idols share the same vision about success as Shakespeare in the text Julius Caesar: 

"There is a tide in the affairs of men. Which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune; Omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and in miseries..."



Money does not make happiness, but it can reduce misfortune. 

How to be happy if you have to fear about your meal for the next day or a roof over your head.
When a child hears his father, during the night while everyone is sleepling, confiding to his wife in a low voice (my mother) that he does not know if he will be able to buy food during the next months of winter, season of unemployment in Gaspé Peninsula, and that may be, they will have to place the children in a host family because of lack of money: the child is afraid! 
No money for new clothes; no money for university studies; no money for the doctor and the dentist; in short, a way of life with a constant lack of financial resources. 

The " poor mentality" is sometimes an impossible reality to break beyond the mere perception of the mind! 

But despite the great insecurity of my childhood, this period of my life remains the most beautiful.



I have not forgotten anything about my father's love for us or my mother's love Anita. 

My mother was a brave woman and I remember she had been the only one able to take my brother André to an institute for deaf people in Charlesbourg (1966). My father did not have the courage and we had to do it because a deaf person in a small village did not have a future if not to become the crazy of the village. My brother André was deaf and, if I was limited in my dreams by the financial poverty of my parents, my brother had to face, in addition of the financial poverty, the handicap of not being able to hear. Nevertheless, he managed to get married and to become the father of a beautiful son, Robin. 

My best memories of life are definitely the moments spent with my father in the outer courtyard of our home in Saint-Simeon, the red swing, my father's shed and all his personal tools, firewood, turf, many trees, and meal around the family table. The souvenirs of this house will have been a memory in my mind for many years after I left the Gaspé Peninsula. 

My mother was an intelligent woman and the strongest of all the women I knew who crossed my path of life. She was my inspiration for my passion for photography. She died on September 5, 2005 after several years trapped in bed, night and day, in a center for old persons. 
The worst end of life...



On January 3, 2010, I notified users that I was discontinuing the publication of magazine after 5 years of activity. 

It was, for me, a kind of death, but I had no choice. I was financially bankrupt and had debts of over $250,000. I hadn't had any new income for about 4 years, having invested all my assets and efforts in the development of 

I had turned 53 on June 28, 2009 and I was tired, very tired morally, during the Christmas period of that same year. I even thought about suicide, but since I have always been an optimist, I continued to believe in miracles and, because I am curious by nature, I wondered how far I would go and what the future held for me beyond the dark period I was going through? So I hung on! 

It is also said that the suicidal thought is like a funnel and that if we can survive the darkest fifteen or twenty minutes of our vision, immediately after that moment in the abyss, the world becomes more acceptable again and we come back to the surface of life. So it would be a matter of 15 minutes that would make all the difference between committing suicide or surviving. 

In December 2009, my life was dark to say the least... 

If I had known and met thousands of people during my stay at Quebecor and later during my Internet project, I realized that none of them responded to my calls for help. 

Even the people who become our close friends are there for their own needs and survival. Ours, our needs and survival, are not really in the priority of the people around us and every human is basically an animal fighting for its survival, when it is not a predator... 

I did have a few true friends who answered my call, but they could not save me from my financial downfall. 

By Christmas of December 2009, I was gradually giving up my desire for life and had begun to give away my last possessions. I was very worried because I had no more money to pay my January rent and that meant eviction to the street. The problem was: what to do with all my books, objects and personal memories? What to do with my project? 

Bankruptcy is like a fire, because you lose everything you've accumulated in your life!

It was one of the worst Christmases of my life, and to make things worse, I had accepted, against my inner emotion, to spend Christmas dinner at a friend's house in a group. I should have stayed alone to think and do a kind of life review before declaring my financial bankruptcy and I should have refused the invitation. It's better to be alone during a shipwreck... 

A few months later, in April 2010, I had to throw away 90% of all my personal possessions. I still remember those dozens of trips to the parking lot of my Nuns' Island apartment building with an old rusted metal grocery basket, filled to the brim, that I pushed alone through the hallway of my apartment to the common garbage bins in the basement of the building where I threw my books, my life memories and many other possessions that I cherished, some of them since childhood. 

I take responsibility for my financial failure and I take full responsibility for it, but none of the rich and powerful people I had known, and helped in some cases, offered to help me through my ordeal! 

I had to throw away most of my personal belongings to keep only the essentials that could fit into a small storage space that I had to rent urgently. 

Of course, I thought about suicide and I had even chosen the place where I had gone to do scouting on Boxing Day, December 26, 2009, when I was seriously thinking about taking action. It was in a church...

If I did not commit suicide, it is because I did not manage to get all the means to do so, according to my established scenario. But I went to visit Notre-Dame Basilica in Old Montreal several times to plan my act, at the end of 2009 and the beginning of 2010. 

I have been thinking for a long time about how and where I would like to die! I would like to die sitting on a church pew, alone in the silence of the place. Dying in a church is the perfect place to end a life! In fact, the funeral ceremony takes place there, but we are already dead and we don't take advantage of it! 

In 2009, I found that Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal was "a beautiful place to die"... 

A famous Montreal pianist once said to me, "People are inconsiderate of others. It's in their nature to be selfish." I agree with him! 

I got confirmation of that when Pierre Péladeau died. When he was alive, hundreds of people came to visit him continuously and praised him with homage. They would always take the opportunity to ask for a donation or financial support for some project. But hey, it wasn't that bad, because Péladeau could afford it and he wanted to give and help. But what was unacceptable was that after his death, the same people he had given to admitted that they had always hated him. 

Why so much contradiction and hypocrisy? People were jealous of Pierre Péladeau and if he gave $1,000 to a cause, they would say "why not $100,000, he can afford it".     

I find this kind of behaviour very sad, but it is the behaviour of human society. 

Furthermore, I understand that those who are hungry can be bothered by the wealth of others.



On October 26, 2011, I met death in the face, but I somehow could tame her and get away with a friendly greetings, without more from her... 

I suffered a heart attack, but I could have died if Carole had not rescued me urgently and brought me to Saint-Luc Hospital within the hour which followed my accident. It can be said, that she saved my life! 

If I had wanted to commit suicide at the end of 2009 and the beginning of 2010, I did not really want to die at the end of 2011. 

 On the other hand, I learned from this experience that dying is not necessarily painful. It's the fear of dying and the agony that is the pain. In my case, I can say that I do not have felt of any pain and as Steve Jobs said in his biography, my encounter with death had been like a switch button click that close and then we leave the light. 

I lost consciousness around 6.30 pm on Wednesday, October 26, 2011, and I woke up around midnight. Yet during this six hours I was up and my body worked, but not my mind. I have no memory of this period in my mind. Strange as a situation, but that's how we live a coma. We are like in a kind of dream without pain. 

In addition, my stay at Montreal's Hôtel-Dieu hospital remains one of the most beautiful memories of life. Not for hospital care as such, but for the view from the window of my room ... It was like a living canvas with a beautiful garden and nights of moonlight like I had never known. Unfortunately, I cannot say that I had chosen this environment and that's the fate that had given me a room with a view on Mount Royal with a window worthy of the best hotels!

Thanks to destiny!


      IN 2016 

Surviving death sometimes brings life surprises! So, if I had died of suicide in 2009 or during my heart attack in 2011, I would not have known the immense joy of my Christmas 2016! 

The 2016 Christmas has been for me one of the most joyous of all my life! 

Indeed, the victory of Donald Trump made me a man filled. It was not the political aspect that pleased me, but the philosophical side of Donald Trump. His victory as President of the United States United is also the victory of his philosophy of "Positive Thinking" ! 

I have always applied positive philosophy in my personal life since my teenage years and a defeat of Donald Trump would have been the defeat of the fundamental belief I lived on. 

Of course, I believe in the role of genetic inheritance and destiny but you must know how to assume your inheritance and destiny! If life offers us an environment and tools, then one most take in hand what she offers us. So we can not aspire to the American presidency if we come from the Gaspé but for a real estate mogul from New York with a universal notoriety, it was possible if one applied the positive thought. 

Donald Trump's victory is proof that it is possible to accomplish his dreams and achieve his goals, despite the opposition of others. This is proof that one should not hesitate to think bigger than the present moment! As Donald says, "If you decide to think, then as well think big! "

Donald Trump's victory is also a victory against the intellectual thinkers of this world and those who despise ordinary people. Those who did not want Donald Trump's election are for many defenders of the elite in society, especially the big traditional media from the left! 

I cried four times in my life! The first time when my father died in June 1976; the second time when my son David was born in May 1982; the third time when my daughter Stéphanie was born in October 1983; and the fourth time, on November 9, 2016 in the early morning at dawn during the victory Donald Trump.     



A friend of mine, a painter, Gaspesian like me, said that the only happiness of life is love. 

I believe it too. David and Stephanie, I love you more than anything and my biggest regret remains not having been able to live this love with you two. 

My other regret is to have attended all these theaters, concerts, fundraising evening and other events worldly. The goal of my participation was always to be part of the group! If I have any advice to give, it is the one to never impose on ourselves activities to please the group or the world. We must please ourselves above all because the only life that belongs to us is ours and it is better to indulge oneself rather than the group. 

Conclusion: we must be able to sometimes say no to the calls of life!   


14. OLD AGE 

It is said that age and experience help better lead our lives and make better life choices. 

This is true, but old age remains a shipwreck! 

It is true that with age, the perception of events and people becomes very precise. An elderly person can almost predict the future so his sense of interpretation is connected with reality. But at the old the age, a person has less life time and less physical energy to succeed his challenges and especially to get up after the failures. Old age is not an asset and the largest and only wealth of life is youth. 

If I have any advice for my grandchildren, and all children, it is to enjoy and exploit their youth to the fullest. Especially to make the good choices of life! Decisions made in the age of youth will influence the whole journey of adult life!



- I have often asked myself this question in recent years as many people around me among my acquaintances or friends were facing their death. Precious friends in some cases; in others, simple acquaintances or former work colleagues; and in a few cases, professional enemies and opponents... 
Following my questioning, I conclude that one cannot be happy or unhappy after one's death, because death is neither more nor less than the end of consciousness. On the other hand, certain elements could make a death "happy" and in particular the way to arrive there. A quick death, without pain and without agony, like an accident or a heart attack, is happier than the opposite. One of the woes of death is in the period that precedes it. Few people want to die and to know the date then becomes more deadly than death as such. To know the moment of his death and to suffer a physical agony because of the disease is comparable to a slow torture. 

-Personally, I do not believe in pardon. I think instead of forgetting. We can forget the existence of a person and his actions. 
One of my friends said, "I do not have any enemies living on earth anymore, I've eliminated them all from my mind, simply and completely forgetting their existence ..." Ben Weider (1922-2008).
My friend Ben added that he forgot his enemies, but he was not naive and if he forgot the person, he never forgot the gestures in order that the deplorable actions not to be repeated. I have always applied this philosophy in my personal life and I recommend it! 

-I do not know! -

-I do not know either, but sometimes I tell myself that I should perhaps have listened to my aunt and become a priest to be a friend of God ... in case he exists! 
In my opinion, it is the memory and energy of a person that continues to exist after death. The memory is, so to speak, eternal! And it's like in the movies or the theater, all our life achievements will be like movie scenes that will become eternal in universal memory. 

CONCLUSION: As it is impossible to really die happy because we do not decide the way of our death, the only other option is to try to live happy, to forget the existence of those who made us wrongs and create memories that we want to be eternal beyond our death.




We could say that until today, I was born 6 times and I died 5 times! One could predict that I still have one life in reserve to reach 7 lives, like the cat... 

1. I was born the first time on June 28, 1956 in the small Gaspesian village of Saint-Simeon of Bonaventure; 
2. The second time, when I became a journalist at the Quebec National Assembly in 1977; 
3. The third time, when you were born David and Stephanie in 1982 and 1983; 
4. A fourth time, when I became Brian Mulroney's assistant in Ottawa in 1984; 
5. A fifth time, when I became Quebecor's excutive assistant to president Pierre Péladeau; 
6. Finally, a sixth time, when Donald Trump was elected to the United States Presidency on the night of November 9, 2016. 

1. The first when my father died in June 1976; 
2. A second in January 1992 when you left Ottawa for Moncton, David and Stephanie; 
3. A third when Pierre Péladeau died on December 2, 1997; 
4. A fourth when I went bankrupt financially in January 2010; 
5. And finally, the fifth when I came close to physical death in 2011 following a heart attack. However, I must say that if I really died in 2011, I would not have suffered and it would have been a beautiful death. A death without discussion, and above all without suffering! 
My father died of cancer and he saw death coming for several months while my mother lived her last years on a bed of hospital residence before dying in 2005... 
In both cases, it was very painful for them to die! 

My text is autobiographical and I told you my confidences which I would have liked to confide to you after my final death. This is the story of what happened during my time on earth, until now. 

My conclusion about life on earth? We must love"! To love what we do with our life; to love the people we accept in our environment; to love every moment that comes to us; and if not, everything must be done to avoid them. 

That's what I am doing in my sixth life and what I will do in my seventh... 

Bernard Bujold 
December 25, 2017, Montreal, Quebec 



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Premiers ancêtres Acadiens de Bernard Bujold

Né 12 novembre 1672 Charente-Maritime  (France) et décédé vers 1708 en Acadie,
fils de Daniel Bujold et Marie Levergne
marié ou union de fait en 1695 à Grand -Pré avec:
Fille de Pierre Melanson (1632-1720)  et Marie-Marguerite Mius (1650-1714),
née vers 1679 - Port Royal, Acadie et décédée le 12 décembre 1718 (39 ans)

Le couple Bujold-Melanson a eu 5 enfants mais Élisabeth en aurait eu deux autres  avec un deuxième conjoint: René Leblanc, après le décès de son premier mari Pierre-Alain Bujold.


MARIE-JOSEPHE BUJOLD - née 1695, mariée avec Pierre Gaudreau et décédée
28 juin 1735;
PAUL BUJOLD - né 1697 et marié avec Marguerite Doucet ;
JOSEPH BUJOLD - né en 1699 et marié avec Marie Josephe Landry;
LOUIS-AMAND BUJOLD - né en 1701 et marié avec Claire Doucet et Catherine Granger;
ALAIN-OLIER BUJOLD - né en 1704 et marié avec Madeleine Boudreau;

LES DEUX AUTRES ENFANTS DE ÉLISABETH MELANSON avec son deuxième mari René Leblanc:
MARIE-JOSEPHE LEBLANC- né en 1714 et mariée avec Joseph Meunier;

DESIRE LEBLANC - né en 1717, marié avec Madeleine Landry et décédé le 5 mars 1777.


Ancêtres de la Gaspésie


ÉLIE BUJOLD (1878-1973)
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marié avec
LOUISE PAQUET (1879-1967)

-LÉOPOLD (10 MAI 1910);
-LÉONARD (6 NOVEMBRE 1915 - 5 JUIN 1976);
-GERMAIN ( 21 MAI 1921);
-MÉLANIE ( 28 JUIN 1924)

est marié en 1951 avec GEMMA POIRIER (décédée en 1952) fille de Benoit Poirier de Bonaventure. Un garçon est né de ce mariage mais il est décédé à la naissance.
LÉONARD BUJOLD se remarie avec ANITA CYR en août 1954.



HONORÉ CYR (1875-1945)
fils de André Cyr et Marie Cormier
marié avec 
CLÉMENTINE CYR (1877-1936)

-BERTHA (18 AOÛT 1902);
-ALMA (11 MARS 1904);
-TREFFLÉ (27 JUIN 1905);
-ÉMILIA (21 MARS 1907);
-EDGARD (7 JUIN 1909);
-MARIA (13 MAI 1911);
-AMÉDÉ (27 AVRIL 1915);
-EVA (10 FÉVRIER 1920);
-ANITA ( 4 FÉVRIER 1922 - 5 SEPTEMBRE 2005).



-BERNARD BUJOLD (28 JUIN 1956-   );
-ANDRÉ BUJOLD ( 23 JANVIER 1961-   );
-RAYNALD BUJOLD ( 20 MARS 1962-   ).

Marié à Moncton le 28 juin 1980 avec Anne Richard (née le 26 juillet 1956) la fille de Gérard Richard et Edna Leblanc .
Le couple a deux enfants:
-DAVID (1 MAI 1982-  );
-STÉPHANIE (23 OCTOBRE 1983-  ) mariée le 16 juillet 2011 à Dieppe avec Sandy Dalton (né le 9 août 1984 à l'Ile du Prince Édouard.) Le couple Stéphanie et Sandy a deux enfants: AVA DALTON née le 11 septembre 2012; et EMMA DALTON née le 4 septembre 2015.

Note: Bernard Bujold et Anne Richard divorcent légalement le 9 avril 1995 après s'être séparés en janvier 1992.
Anne Richard se remarie avec Albert Blanchette le 9 juillet 2008 à Moncton.

Marié avec JULIE GOULET (née le 12 décembre 1962).
Le couple a un garçon, ROBIN BUJOLD (né le 28 décembre)

Marié avec.... DUBUC. Le couple a deux enfants: LISANDRE BUJOLD-DUBUC (née le 23 octobre) et RAPHAËL  DUBUC.