A BEAUTIFUL PLACE TO DIE - by Bernard Bujold

Bernard Bujold, 1991 - Nuns Island

By Bernard Bujold- 
This series is a kind of "personal memory vault". 
It contains texts written about my life, my family and its Acadian origins, my philosophies, my personal beliefs, and about photography. 
Since Google is a bit eternal, these pages become a bit eternal as well... 

Why the title of the series: "A Beautiful Place to Die"?
I grew up near the rectory of the village priest where my aunt Emilia was the servant. Therefore, even though I am not a believer, I always liked the atmosphere of the churches and I would love to leave this life sitting on a pew in a church...

There are currently 8 texts (books) in the series and one to be published in 2023: 
My spiritual testament 
Published on December 25, 2017; 

Text on the life of my Acadian ancestors in Gaspésie; my father; my mother and their parents
Published on February 2020;

3. How I became Journalist at the Quebec National Assembly - 
My first book, written in French between 1978-79, when I was  20 years old on how I became a journalist at the National Assembly of Quebec?
"Comment je suis devenu journaliste à l'Assemblée nationale du Québec?"
Published in 1979 - (The original French Edition);

4. Pierre Péladeau - The Unknown Person -
My autobiographical and biogaphical book translated from
"Pierre Péladeau cet inconnu" (French Edition)
Published on Feburary 5, 2003 - (Volume 1 ); 

5 The Quebecor Empire -
The second part of the biography of Pierre Péladeau:
Published on December 24, 2007 - (Volume 2 );

6. Art of the Photography - 
A book about photography with several images from my personal photo archive
Published on June 28, 2021

The old man - Thoughts on life
Published on June 28, 2022

Photos Archives - Anita Cyr;

9. The Journalist -
A look at the journalist's profession
To be published in 2023

Have a good reading! 
Bernard Bujold

Note: An FRENCH language site is available on the following link:

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